Breeze style tabs for Firefox

Recently I was struggling to make tab close icons look closer to Breeze theme. Now I managed to make tabs look Breeze-ish too! The icon rules are also better now, opacity works without superposition problems:

Firefox tabs a-la Breeze

Firefox tabs a-la Breeze - circular icon

The userChrome.css is very messy and probably redundant, but hey, it works:

Just make sure you disable any other tab modification add-ons and userChrome.css rules.

PS: I also included slightly more appropriate icon for Xclear add-on.

UPD: New Compact themes were released. Here’s a customization for the Light one. It seems to behave better when there are too many tabs. The only nasty thing is the white spinner for the active tab, I don’t know how to change it yet.

UPD #2: Here’s the style for Firefox 57 (default theme):

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