Power struggle

So I got a TV with an intention of connecting it to the Kodi-based LibreELEC distro running on Raspberry Pi 4. The TV is of course a smart one because the market.

But things didn’t go that smoothly: LibreELEC is currently having some issues with 4k playback on RPi4 so I decided to wait and use the TV’s smart features instead.

The TV is running Samsung’s Tizen and can play DLNA/UPnP content e. g. from ReadyMedia server which is easy to set up. The problem was that the TV was randomly disconnecting with the “cable not connected” message. The playback progress was naturally lost. Infuriating.

One solution was to use WiFi, but the speed was barely enough for 4k contents and navigating the seekbar took forever. No disconnects though.

Long story short, turns out it was a network switch power adapter issue. It’s plugged into a cheap UPS and for some reason this introduced some interference which led to the TV loosing connection momentarily. When connected directly to the mains, there were no issues.

Bad hombre

Thankfully I had a spare 5 V adapter which works just fine. Now the TV is connected via 100 Mbit/s Ethernet and plays pretty much anything I throw at it and seeking is quite snappy.

Hardware: Samsung TU7002, Ippon Basic 650, Zyxel GS-105B.

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